Need to build or skill up a Devops Team?

We will transform and automate your software delivery processes, building on existing infrastructure or design for the future.

Contact us if you need hands-on cloud-native DevOps professionals converting your processes into a painless experience. 🚀🤘

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Software delivery


IaC, Docker, Gitlab, Terraform, Bash Scripting, Git strategies


Cluster-Design, Rancher, Credential Management


Compute, Network, Storage, Monitor, Billing, IAM, SAM/Cloudformation

Service Registry

Central Service Catalog, Dependency Graph, Documentation

Quality Assurance

Code Analysis

Bugsnag, Sentry, Sonarqube, Quality Gates, OpenAPI

API Test Automation

OpenAPI/Swagger Toolchain, REST, API-Design

Monitoring & Alerting

Prometheus, Grafana, Elasicsearch, Kibana


Penetration Tests, GDPR, Data security & privacy

Human Resources


Online-Academy, Recording Workflows, Education programs, Key player + team coaching


We build up your team, we recruit the best people and engage them for your project


Unit Building, Team-Recruiting, Development

Scaled Agile

Advanced Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework

Automate everything
Reduce your build time

Deploy more frequent and save time delivering higher quality software. We estabilish quality gates and parallelize your pipelines. Provide your own IT infrastructure or use our public cloud provider knowledge to cover your peak resource needs.

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

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Daimler AG Mexico City

Lufthansa Technik AG

App-Arena GmbH

Our Team

We are a network of highly professional devops working for many years in large enterprise DevOps teams. The infrastructure we build is highly scalable, well load and penetration tested.

We see ourself as educators, we do not build know-how silos or dependencies. We come, build, educate to leave your project on a highler level, with mostly decreased costs.

We are germans, but you can talk to us in:
 German English Spanish Italian